Fused plastic

I was wanting to create something that could take a form or a structure that would be rigid enough to keep a shape but flexible to still act organic. I took layers of plastic bags

I chopped it up into layers ( about 4) and sandwiched it in wax paper. You can use parchment paper. I used what I had on hand at the time.

Next you take a heat gun in a well ventilated area. I have a sun room attached to my house that I work in and open all the doors and windows. You want to mold your item to the shape you want it to be in the end.

Move the heat gun around the flower shape (without smoke). This will take some time. The plastic will stick to the wax paper a bit when done the edges should look a bit like Swiss cheese. Pull the plastic off the wax paper like a fruit roll up. And decide if you want to try again or if you like the look of your new project! It took me a few tries to get it the way I wanted it to look.

I made one small flower and one a bit larger and layered them and put a pearl through it. I think this will look great on a necklace.


Upcycled, Recycled, Repurposed

When we talk about recycling, almost everyone’s herd of that. An example would be taking a plastic bottle melting it down into another plastic bottle or something plastic. This is good for our world, good for the plants, animals, and the air and water.

This idea has been around for years and years. It is simply taking an item (the same plastic bottle) and using it in another context. For example a container for flowers or a storage container.

This is an word that has only been around for the last 5-10 years, and that might be pushing it. It is the act of taking an item and creating something better. Now, the idea of better is in the eye of the holder. An example is taking the same plastic bottle and making a rose from it or jewelry.

Taking everyday objects and breathing in new life is a great way to use the “stuff” we already have in the world. You don’t need the latest or the greatest. Use your creativity or borrow someone’s from the endless streams of information. And create something today!

This is why I create, because the world already has enough and I love to smile. Add the two together and you have desire for the next project. Use what you have and be excited about the process. What you make doesn’t have to be perfect just enjoyable. Relax and just go with it have fun.


Changes in Life

I have not written on this blog in over a year. A lot has happened in life. lots of changes in life. My wonderful family has moved to Orange County and that is a big change!! We mover 7 months ago but sometimes it feels like only a few days and sometimes it feels like ages. My Mr. Wonderful got a new job that changed our location and life has been going and going. Writing on the blog has felt overwhelming.

Last March when I stopped writing I had taken a job working with mentally disabled adults. This was such a joy to my life. As you could tell it took a lot out of me so I stopped writing. The wonderful people I met have changed my life for the better.

I am slowly back to crafting. Moving zaps the creative juices out of me and I am in a quiet phase in my creativeness. This is not a bad thing, but one that all creatives go through. I read a great book lately called Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer. This was a great book and gave me ways to spark my creativity and see how other authors, song writers, and many more work out their creativity. In an Amazon reviewer post this about the book:
The book boils down in the end to four vague conclusions which he calls “meta-ideas.”
1. Education is necessary
2. Human mixing stimulates creativity
3. Creativity requires willingness to take risks
4. Society must manage the rewards of innovation

This was a fun book I loved it!

Being a part of a new town is always a big step in learning, living, loving. They say it takes two years to have it feel like home and I would like that feeling very much. I will wait on God and all He has for me open to His spirit and His grace everyday.

See you soon!

Not Just Starbucks Resin Jewelry

I have a great friend that gets me used Starbucks gift cars once they have been used. She saves them from the trash and I reap all the benefits! I made a few resin jewelry bracelets from different gift cards that have been given to me this week. Some are Starbucks but they are all not just Starbucks, some are Target and others are H&M. Too cute I think! I might have to steal these from my store for myself! I love the use of crowns from H&M. And if you also like Skulls wearing crowns then you will like it even better! Or if hearts are your thing then I have one for you! I also had two but one is already gone of my teal and gold bracelet. Last is my foil flowers form Target prefect for spring! Check them out I know you will love them as much as I do!

If you want to visit my store click HERE!
Have a great Sunday!!!

Cyber Friends

I was mentioned on a couple of cyber-friend’s blogs.

From Restitch me here from Feb. and here from back in November. Check out the rest of restitchme.com I love the creativity and her ability to sew and upcycle things!

Also on my photographers blog that is so creative and beautiful! And anyone that knows how ugly Bakersfield is, you would know how amazing her style is! You have to be creative in a dirty, hot farmland that is smoggy or foggy 350 days a year!
Her blog is: jessicafreyphotographyblog.com
Check out all of her fairy tale weddings they are great, you will love them!!!!
And I made the flower balls for her on this picture: here

I love the cyber world it brings the creative world so close! I live in California about 1 1/2 hours outside LA (with traffic), but the town I live in is not the most creative! I love the desert of California but there are things I would change if I had a magic wand. So my cyber world friends are so important! I am always encouraged and inspired to keep creating!

So thanks for all the inspiration! Keep on blogging!

Mapping Your Heart

I love vintage books and even more then simple stories I love maps. I love finding an old atlas. I made this picture for my wall because I needed to see something different. CHANGE!!! I love this season of change that will be here in a few days! So I needed to see something new. I would do this every week if I had the time and inspiration! No, I have both of those, so maybe just enough push and motivation to do it.

mapping your heart
I don’t mind failing and I need to post a few pictures of projects that were rejected. I think failing makes me try focus on what the end result should be. I also have to be honest with myself about what I am able to do. I come from a long line of “duct tappers”! Motto: If you can’t figure out the right way to do it then fake fix it! get it to work for the moment and pray it won’t break too soon.

Soooo… I made this picture I don’t love it and I had to cut the sides off the good old USA but it isn’t too bad. I like the look of the map, the red it too bright and the map is cut in a way where more then one person has asked what part of the world that is in the picture. I am not in love with this project but I love that I have something new on the wall. I need change in my life to keep me involved and motivated for more change! But this one will NOT make it to my store.

Song writers have to write lots of songs before a “hit” is written. Artist are the same way! It’s called the chaff. The chaff comes with the wheat you just have to tell the difference! I think this describes the mapping of your heart. I can copy all day long from a huge talent pool, talent greater then mine. But when you find inspiration that spurs your creative side and pushes your limits that is where your heart is found. You can map your heart by what draws you in and makes you excited.

We have been created by a Master Creator that we have been made in the image of. We all long to create something in the image of our heart. We all long for the story of a victor who slays the dragon. We all sing a heart song that wants to see true complete restoration for the people we love. We laugh, love, hurt, hope and cry our heart song each day in different ways. Unleash your heart song and dream of a true victor who will slay the dragon, who holds the keys to true restoration for the ones you love. Create art, write words, sing songs, make something that will sing your heart song. All that is left is creating a map of your heart, mountains, valleys and all!

It’s better with Daughters

I love my girls they are such a joy in this life and remind me not to take anything too seriously.

ALison is 11 and so social. She will make friends with anything that moves and will get them to love her back! We have had a long year this past year. and she has grown leaps and bounds in her faith and I have seen an amazing young lady spring from the girl I once knew. I love to watch her grow in her faith and love. Ali
Alison tried to get this spoon on her little nose for 30 minutes and then kept it on for another 15 minutes!

I was pulling weeds with Alison today and she was asking why the weeds were making her itch. I said to her, “they say Alison, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Alison laughed and said “wow do they say that about all Alison’s?”

Yep, that’s my girl!

Emily, 8 years, is an animal lover and has told me that she wishes she was an animal and not a little girl. I had a friend tell me that she only wanted one of my girls to be flower girls in her wedding because Emily acts like a dog for hours and that would not add to her wedding. Emily would act like an animal for hours and still does. when you have to ask your daughter to be a little girl again and that she can no longer be a animal for the rest of the day, thats life at my house! emilyemily

Emily’s middle name is Faith, she is a child with strong convictions and a good understanding of who she is. She is so funny and we laugh all the time with her around! She is so sarcastic and has an understanding of how to get others to laugh. SHe told me the other day that her Teacher is not funny and does not get jokes. I ask why she thought that was. Her answer… “She is a mom and has her own kids.” “What??? I think things are funny” Emily said “yea, but you can be funny too mom!”
My life with the giggle girls is so good! I wouldn’t trade them for all the money or chocolate in the world. There is no upcycling them!!!